Proposal to Close the Trinity County Libraries

by Barbara Jelicich

The Trinity County CAO is proposing to close the libraries as a budgetary solution. If you value public libraries, for yourself and or others, please contact your county supervisor and inform them of the value of public libraries in every community.

When we received the state grant for the library we were told if the library ceased, the property would need to be sold and the money returned to the state. A formal application for a State Library “Bond Act” grant was made in 1986 and approved but the grant was amended twice so that the county could come up with the required funding match and acquire suitable property. More specifically the library was constructed with LSCA (Library Service and Construction Act) Title II funding. Sec. 19967 of the California Library Construction and Renovation Bond Act of 1988 states (a) A facility, or the part thereof, acquired, constructed, remodeled, or rehabilitated with grants received pursuant to this chapter shall be dedicated to public library direct service use for a period of not less than 20 years following completion of the project, or the useful life of the building, whichever is longer.”

We worked very hard to get the Weaverville Library built, and Hayfork and Trinity Center have minimal services. Let’s not lose what we have. Please voice your support.

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